HV0370 – camshaft kit ET Engineteam – Audi A4, VW Passat 1,9 / 2,0 TDI PD, 2004+, cast iron camshaft


Complete camshaft kit from ET Engineteam with cast iron cam. For BGW, BKE, BRB, BHW engines used in Audi A4, the VW Passat with 1.9 / 2.0 TDi PD engines since 2004. OE: 038103673A, 038103673B, 038103673BGLB, 038103673C, 038103673CGLB, 038103714, 038103714A, 038103714G , 038109101AF, 038109309C.

HV0341 meets the high demands of PD engines (Pumpe – Düse / Pump – Nozzle) that need perfect cam drive. The kit includes all the parts that manufacturers recommend to change at each repair. There is a cast iron cam in this kit, so care must be taken to ensure accurate shaft seating.


Kit HV0370 includes:

  • Cast iron camshaft HV0369 – OE: 038109101AF
  • Camshaft bearing LV0001 (set) – OE: 038103673A, 038103673BGLB, 038103673CGLB, 038103673C, 038103673B
  • Camshaft bolts BS0001 (set = 10pcs) – OE: 038103714, 038103714G
  • Rocker arm rod bolts BS0004 (8pcs) – OE: 038103714A
  • Hydraulic tappet ZH0089 (8pcs) – OE: 038109309C

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