HV0362KS – camshaft kit Kolbenschmidt – VW Touareg – Multivan – Transporter 2,5 TDI PD, 2003+, steel camshaft

Coplete camshaft kit Kolbenschmidt with steel camshaft.  It is suitable for VW Touareg / Multivan / Transporter s motory 2,5 TDI type BNZ, BPC, BPD, BPE. OE: 038103673A 038103673B, 038103673C, 038103714, 038103714A, 038103714G, 038109309C, 070103673A, 070103673AGLB, 070103673B, 070103673BGLB, 070109101Q.

The specific features of the Pumpe - Düse (Unit Injector System) engines must have a perfect collaboration of all the engine parts, including the camshaft. Car manufacturers recommend when changing the related components as a whole kit when repairing the cam. The HV0362KS kit contains these parts in a complete package including bolts.

The steel cam for five-cylinder PD engines is a bit longer and therefore, more prone to brake when is left in misalignment position (out of axes ). Be sure to install correctly according to the manufacturer's manual.


Kit HV0362KS includes:

  • Steel camshaft 50006110 – OE: EC856, 070109101Q
  • Camshaft bearing 77998600 – OE:  038103673C, 070103673A, 070103673B, 734828, 734828STD, 73-4828STD
  • Hydraulic tappet 50006418 – OE: 038109309A, 038109309B, 038109309C, 1100677, 1426035
  • Rocker arm rod bolts BS0005 (10pcs) – OE: 038103714A
  • Rocker arm rod bolts BS0006 (8pcs) – OE: 038103714, 038103714G
  • Camshaft housing bolts BS0001 (10pcs) – OE: 038103714, 038103714G

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