HV0339 – camshaft kit ET Engineteam – VW Tuareg Transporter Multivan 2,5TDI – 2003+ steel camshaft

Camshaft kit ET Engineteam for engines with PD (Pumpe - Düse) engiens - Unit Ijector System (UIS). Suitable for VW Touareg / Transporter / Multivan engines with 2.5 TDI PD engines since 2003 (ADX, AXE, BAC, BLJ, BLK). OE numbers: 038103673A, 038103673B, 038103673C, 038103714, 038103714G, 038109309C, 070103673A, 070103673AGLB, 070103673B, 070103673BGLB, 070109101P.

The camshaft kit HV0339 has all the necessary components that are recommended for replacement as a complete set (considering the specifics of PD engines): Steel camshaft, shaft bearing, camshaft housing bolts and rocker arm bolts, valve tappets.

WARNING: The kit contains a longer camshaft (for five-cylinder engine). Misalignment of the camshaft can cause the seizure of the camshaft! Make sure that you assembly it correctly.



  • Steel camshaft HV0286 – OE 070109101P
  • Camshaft bearing LV0002 – OE 070103673A, 038103673A, 070103673B, 070103673AGLB, 070103673BGLB, 038103673B, 038103673C
  • Camshaft housing bolts BS0001 – OE: 038103714, 038103714G
  • Rocker arm bolts BS0006 (set of 8 pcs ) – OE 038103714G, 038103714
  • 10x hydraulic tappets ZH0089 – OE 038109309C

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