HV0355 – camshaft kit ET Engineteam – VW Lupo, Seat Cordoba, Škoda Fabia, Audi A2 1,4 PD, 2009+, cast iron camshaft

Camshaft kit ET Engineteam with cast iron camshaft. To be intalled in engines AMF, ATL, BAY, BNM, BNV. For cars VW Lupo / Polo / Fox, Seat Arosa / Ibiza / Cordoba, Škoda Roomster / Fabia, Audi A2 1,4 PD from year 2009. OE: XM21-6500-BA, 038103673B, 038103673C, 038103714, 038103714A, 038103714G, 038109309C, 045109101C, 1426035.

The camshaft kit HV0355 contains all the components that are recommended by car manufacturers to be changed every time when repair is performed. Although the cast iron camshaft is more demanding for precise fitting, this short version for three-cylinder PD engines eliminates the risk of overloading and subsequent cam rapture.

Camshaft HV0163 from this kit (OE: 045109101C) was installed until 2008. After 2009 another camshaft HV0343 (OE: 045109101J) has been used from the camshaft kit HV0354.


Kit HV0355 includes:

  • Cast iron camshaft HV0163 – OE: 045109101C
  • Camshaft bearing LV0006 (set) – OE: 038103673B, 038103673C
  • Rocker arm rod bolts BS0006 (set = 8pcs) – OE: 038103714, 038103714G
  • Hydraulic tappet ZH0089 – OE: 038109309C
  • Rocker arm rod bolts BS0003 (6pcs) – OE: 038103714A

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